Gazebo Kits

Gazebo Kits

If you are looking for information on Gazebo kits, canopy kits, pergola kits, or any outdoor structures suitable for your hot tub, patio or simply to increase the appearance of your yard - you have come to the right place. is a resource for any person looking to purchase a gazebo for their yard. In this website we will cover construction concepts, kit building and installation, hot tub gazebos and gazebo materials. If you are looking to order a gazebo please call 1-888-267-0802

gazebo with screen walls gazebo with open walls

What Is The Difference Between A Pergola And A Gazebo?

A gazebo is an open structure that has a full or part roof on the structure like the pictures shown above. Common gazebo applications would be to cover a hot tub or a spa to help create a private area for bathers to relax without the prying eyes of city neighbors watching them. Since most inner city properties are built directly next to each other gaining privacy in your backyard can be difficult to accomplish.

Since in a hot tub you typically would be wearing a bathing suit, or perhaps nothing at all, it would be common to fee insecure about sitting in the middle of your backyard wondering who is watching you. With a gazebo you can enjoy your soak in the hot tub without worrying about who might be watching. Many gazebo styles will have partial walls or even full wall structures to enhance the privacy of your setting.

A pergola is a structure that typically would have four outside posts but minimal or no roof at all with the idea that plants, specifically vines, can grow up and over the structure. A pergola is ideal for maximizing your growing space for plants, flowers and vegetable gardens, while increasing the visual appeal of your property.

Pergola Kits

In addition to gazebo kits we are also a resource and retail supplier of pergola kits. Generally smaller and more minimal in construction than gazebos, a pergola will usually consist of four corner posts and either no roof, or a minimal style roof that is essentially a series of wood cross beams enough so that climbing and crawling plants can grow over the entire roof structure. Examples of some pergolas are shown below.

patio pergola wooden pergola